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Hey y'all! I am a southern raised gal doing her best to adapt to living in the north! I grew up near a small town in rural Mississippi where my grandmother and parents had beautiful vegetable gardens every year. Growing our food for home cooked meals was something I took for granted when I was younger. After leaving home, I have tried to make the best any space available... even if it was just a window box of herbs. I currently have a bit more garden space for vegetables in our small backyard.. Adapting to a different planting zone has been interesting and I am learning along the way!

Creating meals is one of my most favorite things! Along with my southern soul food roots, I also lived near New Orleans for several years during and after college. I was able to immerse myself in wonderful Cajun cuisine to replicate at home. Now living in Ohio, I love trying new foods on my travels and continuing to expand my cooking influences.

I hope my blog inspires you in some way and that you enjoy reading about my garden and kitchen adventures!

Audra Lynn